Welcome to the Gitksan Government Commission Website (GGC).

The Gitksan Government Commission (GGC) includes four First Nation/Band Councils, Gitanyow, Gitanmaax, Glen Vowell and Kispiox and are mainly funded by INAC. GGC is a not-for-profit society structured to provide administrative support, technical and advisory services to the local Band administration and Councils. Our services include assistance with budgeting, program delivery, meeting financial and reporting requirements and working together to create a better life in the Gitksan communities.

Our services are similar to a regional district office and working in collaboration with the four Bands, work on a number of priority issues, such as

  • protecting and promoting existing benefits and programs,
  • maximizing existing jurisdictional arrangements and
  • working towards stronger and more effective community-based services in each community and within the larger Upper Skeena Region.


Our Vision

Working together to create healthy, sustainable and prosperous communities.”

Our History

The Gitksan people supported the development of the GGC, with the devolution of Indian Affairs Regional Offices, GGC would enable the Gitksan Carrier Tribal Council to concentrate on the land claims title action of Delgamuwx to ensure support and services continued with the member Bands.

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