Who are we?

The Gitksan Government Commission (GGC) was first incorporated as a not-for-profit society and registered in 1986.

GGC is governed by a Board of Directors representative of the elected body from each of the member Bands. The three member Bands are Gitanyow, Gitanmaax, and Glen Vowell. As a group, the members of GGC are of the larger Gitksan Nation, and consists of two main dialects, Gitxsenimx (west) and Gitxsanimax (east). These communities are located in the central northwest of British Columbia along the Skeena, Kispiox and Kitwanga Rivers.

As a group, the members of the Gitksan Government Commission total a population of 3857 registered Band members. Most of our community members are young with the majority of the population under 30.  Each of the three communities are unique and have different needs and priorities for community well being. Check out each Band’s website for more information and see the local statistics page under Membership.

Photo by Jeff Holland

Photo by Jeff Holland

What do we do?

The three-member Bands have agreed to work collectively to secure a multi-year funding agreement with Indigenous Services Canada(ISC) . This agreement is called an ‘C7A CFA’ and provides the funding to GGC who acts as a flow through to each member band. Through this agreement GGC is responsible for providing technical,advisory and support services to the member Bands. One of the key benefits to a block funded agreement allows for the development of specific policy that is more beneficial and relevant than ISC policy. So far there are three areas that have specific policies: Education, Housing, and Social Development. With good fiscal management and effective administration we have been able to continue with a block funded approach creates a more responsive and flexible administrative structure at the Band office level.

Where are we located?

The Gitksan communities are in the beautiful Kitwanga, Kispiox and Skeena watersheds. For more information about the Skeena watersheds, contact Gitksan Watershed Authority at https://gitksanwatershed.com/. For more information regarding the Gitksan Hereditary system or House system, and treaty negotiations contact the Gitksan Treaty Society at https://gitxsan.ca.

Coast Mountain College (CMC) provides a good map of all the First Nations from a northwest regional view. The map shown highlights the Hazelton area from the CMC regional map.

Another map that highlights the language affiliation of indigenous people in BC is available at First People’s Heritage, Language and Cultural Center’s website.


Gitanyow Band


Gitanmaax Band

Glen Vowell

Sik-e-dakh Band