The Gitksan Government Commission administration and finance department provides accounting and reporting procedures internally as well as providing advisory services and hands-on assistance to our four (4) member Bands: Gitanmaax, Glen Vowell, Kispiox & Gitanyow.

GGC is the financing flow through and provides accounting services to the member Bands in addition to the following Gitksan affiliated organizations: Anspayaxw Education Society & Gitanyow Independent School.

Diane McRae, our Finance Manager has 30 years of experience in finance and management, she received her certified financial manager designation in January 2006. Diane is responsible for: the GGC budget, provides advice and guidance on financial management systems, procedures and principles to Chiefs’, Councils and administrations of the member Bands and affiliated organizations, assists in the development of financial and administrative policies and practices to promote the skills of personnel, ensures sound and consistent application and compliance of policies and AANDC requirements, acts as a resource in the overall improvement of financial management skills of personnel and is the liaison officer with Bands and professional auditors.

Elizabeth Harris, is GGC’s longest-term employee with GGC and has worked in administration for twenty-five years. She is the internal bookkeeper responsible for the reporting and carrying out of day-to-day operations for GGC and its affiliated organizations. Elizabeth is also our receptionist and the ‘go-to’ person for any questions you might have.