First Nations Skills and Training

The main organizations that support First Nations education and community education or work in partnership with various community-based workers are:

  • Coast Mountain College (formerly Northwest Community College): offers training such as mining essentials and interdisciplinary training: Coast Mountain  College has a campus in the Hazeltons
  • UNBC is the University of our region; check their website to see what programs are offered in the community.
  • FNESC – the number of initiatives to support quality education: Monica Simms is the GGC representative on this large board; most communities also have their own representative on this board as well.
  • FN School Association: All band schools are affiliated with this Association.
  • BC AFN: a strong focus on business, training and economic development.

Skills and Training:

Aboriginal Specific dollars are available via the new ASETS initiative. TRICORP officially has assumed responsibility for this initiative now which is called TESTS.

The ASETs holders work with First Nation communities and band members to access relevant training especially with clients seeking working, job seekers or income assistance clients. As you can see the Northwest has the highest level of income assistance in BC, so training and community-based services are in high demand!

Please TRICORP for more information call 1.800.665.3201. More information will be posted, once available. Thank you.


Gitanyow Band


Gitanmaax Band

Glen Vowell

Sik-e-dakh Band