GGC Board Governance

GGC Board of Directors:
Our Board of Directors are the Chief Councillors or appointed representative of each of the member Band Councils, namely the Gitanmaax, Glen Vowell and Gitanyow Bands. The services provided by GGC are direct to the three-member Bands however they do collaborate on many different levels with the independent Bands in the Northwest.

The GGC Board meets monthly – should you desire time on their agenda please contact  Diane McRae for more information.

The three-member Bands web pages are linked below – just click on the community logo.

The GGC Board of Directors are the Chief Councillors of each band:

Gitanyow: Jaqueline Smith, Chief Councillor, the 8 Councillors are: Sidney Derrick, Andy Johnson, Jennifer Smith, Georgette Good, Ben Russell, Jason Derrick & Les McLean (term expires June 2024)

Gitanmaax: Tracey Woods, Chief Councilor. The 12 councilors are Crystal Muldoe, Tracey Woods, Jackie Green, Mavis Sebastian, Cindy Jones, Veronica Green, Shelly Johnson, Theresa Jack, Toni Muldoe, Martha Wilson, Ross McRae, Jessica Mikolayczyk.  (term expires June 2024).

Glen Vowell: Tony Sampare, Chief Councillor. The 4 Councillors are :Deputy Chief , Jennifer Sampare. Brandon Campbell, Michael Sampson & Robert Sampson (term expires March 2024).

The roles and responsibilities of a band council are outlined nicely in this short document. GGC has worked with each of the four band councils and went through a three-step engagement process with community members of each community to create a band council governance policy and an orientation manual. Here is the title page of the presentation.

Vision and Mission Statement

Working together to create healthy, sustainable and prosperous communities”

Mission statement:

“To provide effective and efficient technical and advisory services to our Communities to achieve their goals and objectives in the areas of:

  • Capital Infrastructure
  • Economic Opportunities
  • Education
  • Finance/Administration
  • Housing
  • Lands
  • Membership &
  • Social Development 

Values that Guide our Board and Staffs’ Work:

INTEGRITY and the highest ethical standards
MUTUAL RESPECT and trust in our working relationships
INNOVATION and encouragement to challenge the status quo
COMMUNICATION that is open, consistent and two way
TEAMWORK and meeting our communications to one another
CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, development, and learning in all we do
DIVERSITY of people, culture, and ideas
PERFORMANCE with recognition for results

GGC Board policies in effect:

Terms of Reference
Conflict of Interest
Code of Conduct & Code of Ethics
Responsibilities of Board, CEO & Staff
Financial Policy and Procedures
Personnel Policy &
Tendering Guidelines

For more information about the GGC services, priorities or initiatives, contact GGC at 250.842.2248 or 1.800.650.5518.


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