Gitxsan Wellness Film Festival 2018

On behalf of the planning committee, we are happy to share that the second annual Gitxsan Wellness Film Festival was a great success. We were only able to host one evening with 120 persons or so in attendance.

Gitxsan Health Society/PCAP-MCH-Gwalx East/West

Gitxsan Community Volunteer Fire Safety

Wii ‘O’om Niin, We Love you Elders Resource Network: Elders Safety and Wellbeing: “Wii o’o’m Miin, We Love You – N/A at the festival but posted up here once the elders reviewed it, made changes and approved it!

Senden Land-Based Reconnecting Youth To Gitxsan teachings

Youth on water


Gitanyow Band


Gitanmaax Band

Glen Vowell

Sik-e-dakh Band