Housing Policy Development 

In the comprehensive community planning process, a better understanding of the housing application and selection process was asked for in the three communities that GGC works with. GGC followed up with this, working in partnership with the three communities to host a Housing Forum. One of the most well-received presentations at the Housing Forum was the BC Hydro Power Smart presentation; learning energy saving tips for your home was well received…click here to view it. The final report of the Housing Forum summarizing members’ feedbacks can be found here.

The Working Group and band administrations had participated in a CMHC Community Housing Policy workshop and have now formally completed the development of a core Gitksan housing policy. The housing policy has four main sections.

  1. Social housing (subsidized housing)
  2. Band rent to own and rental homes
  3. Privately owned homes
  4. Renovation policy for existing homes.

In partnership with UBC Indigenous Planning program, 2 students helped pull together a community education presentation and 4 brochures about on reserving housing. The GGC Board has reviewed and finalized the policy.

Core Housing Need

From the housing survey, a housing analysis report was completed. This report speaks to the core housing needs of each community. Core housing identifies suitability (overcrowding and multiple family living), adequate housing (homes that need minimal or major repairs) and affordability (levels of income of community members). GGC and member bands are following the National Occupancy Standards (or NOS) to identify the levels of overcrowding in each home.


Gitanyow Band


Gitanmaax Band

Glen Vowell

Sik-e-dakh Band