Gitanmaax and Kispiox administer their own membership registry programs out of their band offices.  They can assist their members and/or residents with all the above applications and processes.   The GGC Membership offices provide back up membership registry program services for Gitanmaax and Kispiox Band when required.

Heather Barnes administers a membership registry program for GGC member bands, Glen Vowell and Gitanyow as well as for independent Bands, Hagwilget FNG and Gitsegukla.

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Click here to visit the First Nations Profiles on the INAC website. This website has monthly updated registered Band Membership Statistics in each First Nations profile.

Photo by Jeff Holland

Photo by Jeff Holland

Heather Barnes Membership
Ext: 229


Gitanyow Band


Gitanmaax Band

Glen Vowell

Sik-e-dakh Band