Technical Services

Technical Services Team

The Technical Services department of the Gitksan Government Commission is located at 1525B Hankin Street.

The staff consists of Nathan Combs, Dennis Sterritt along with support from Diane McRae and Elizabeth Harris, Financial Resources.

We would like to thank Jeremie for his support and hard work.

Our office keeps a copy of all records for each project including as-constructed drawings and all technical reports. A library of Operation and Maintenance manuals for each Band, along with technical publications, manuals, and magazines. Library information, reports and drawing are available to Band Offices and membership for information and planning purposes.

Our technical services also has survey equipment, flow measuring device, portable multi-gas monitors for confined space entry, water testing equipment, print machine (blueprints), M-scope leak detector, pipe laser, magnetic locator (pin finder), Arctic Blaster – water line thawing device and a fire safety trailer which can protect 20 homes at a time from a wildfire, that are available to the member Bands.

Photo: R Harris


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